Simon XTI Panel Beeps

Every morning around 4-5am(yes, only early morning), my simon xti starts beeping 4 or 5 beeps about every 5 mins or so and when I check the events list, it always list “No Activity Alarm” with that time stamp. I’ve already hard reset unit but still have same problem. I’ve made sure all check boxes in programming that I don’t want are unchecked. The only way to stop it from beeping in am is to uncheck “Panel Piezo Beeps” but that mutes my beeps when doors are opened which I need. Could this have something to do with maybe a bad door sensor? I’ve posted this many times with no correct answers. PLease help, very annoying.
FYI: 3 wireless door sensors(all w/new batts) and one wireless motion sensor. 1 key chain remote. Backup battery is still good. Alarm still sets and alarms when tripped.

Enter programming, then select Timers, and “No Activity Timeout.” Is that set to 24 hours? If so set it to off.

It was on 10. I set it to off. So far, it seems to have worked. Lets hope! Thx