Simon Xti needs monitored

I currently have a simon xti and a variety of interlogix products, door sensors, 4 lamp modules, 1 light zwave switch, 1 motion with image capture and a key fob.

I do have an account, but do not have monitoring.

A few questions

  1. can I add security monitoring with my existing account
  2. I believe my house has wired sensors to windows, but not sure how to connect to xti panel.
  3. is there a 2nd panel option that does not require Ac power.

Can I buy additional z wave compatible devices from you such as

External camera
Flood detection
Smoke/fire detection and monitoring

Nope to #1 (unless you setup monitoring with the same dealer/provider you currently have the ADC account/service plan with)

If you have an account with frontpoint, you cannot add suretycam monitoring services to that account.

If on the other hand, you have an account with suretyCAM, you can easily add suretyCAM monitoring services to that account.

You cannot use an existing ADC account with another Dealer/provider. You will have to have your cell module released/unlocked by whomever it is currently registered to, and have it registered by new dealer/provider. New (ADC) user/pass and acct#

If the provider the module is currently registered to will not release it, you will have to replace it.

  1. No, we would create a new account for you if you order service.
  2. The RE108 is what you are looking for.
  3. Not that I am aware. Battery life would be abysmal unless it was as simple as a keyfob (basically just a number pad)

A fair number of the products in our store are GE compatible (we sell Qolsys directly)

Only thermostats in your description would be Zwave. Our cameras are IP, and the flood and smoke detectors would be 319mhz rf.