Simon XT vs. Kwikset lock

I’m struggling to get a Kwikset 910 operating reliably with the Simon XT, but it is rather spotty. I made sure I had the lock right next to the panel when adding it to the z-wave network. The lock is installed in a room that is further away, but it is less than 6ft from a zwave+ device that operates flawlessly. I read that in such a situation, there should be a z-wave rediscovery run, but the Simon XT menu does not show this option. Is this really necessary, and if so, is there any other way to kick it off?

While the XTi has access to advanced setup, I do not believe any version of the XT provides local control of rediscovery, similar to the Concord panel.

Nonetheless, rediscovery is necessary in order to map transmission routes when multiple devices are on the network. This must be done. If you need to have a network rediscovery done, you can request this on a Simon XT or Concord by emailing

I’ve sent a rediscovery command for you in this case. Please allow 10 minutes before testing.