Simon XT Tests OK, but no comm to Central Monitoring?

Hello. I have an existing SimonXT system, and recently signed up for the Surety service.

Everything with my system seems to be in order and test well:
– System has a new battery, and updated CDMA module (tested by Surety before I signed up for service)
– I cleared any previous errors, ran the communication test to, tested the sensors, alarms, etc.
– If I arm the system and trigger an alarm the siren goes off and registers the events in my account on the site and apps.

THE ISSUE is that the Surety central monitoring isn’t receiving notifications when I trigger alarms. I called them twice before testing and they locate my account but then say they don’t get any reports from the system.

Do I have to configure anything in the SimonXT settings with a phone number or some other setting or should it just work? Ideas?

Thank you in advance.

Nope, you are connected and ready to go. I do see a pending alarm signal and a disarm before a dialer delay countdown in history for this account.

GE systems typically cannot completely remove dialer delay. Dialer delay (labeled Dial Delay in the XT programming) holds off on generating alarm signals when the local alarm is tripped for a set period of time.

Default is 30 seconds. You can view this in your panel programming under the Phone Options section.

So, to test the signals to the central station, you would need to allow the local alarm to sound for longer than the dialer delay. (note this does not affect fire alarms, those would still be immediate)