Simon XT charge output: 6v or 12v?

My Simon XT battery charge leads are reading 12v output.
It calls for a 6v battery.
I just replaced with a 6v 12 AHr battery so that if someone cuts the power, I’ve got a week of backup power. The factory one is 1.3AHr.

But I’m wondering why the battery charge leads coming out from Simon XT read 12v DC, without battery attached, and if that will harm the 6v battery.

Again, the OEM batt is 6v, so does it make sense that charger output read is 12v? Thanks!

Considering the Simon uses a 9VAC transformer, that may or may not be odd. I don’t have a Simon to test on hand, but I will look into this for you and report back. I would guess that your panel is functioning properly. I just want to clarify, you are testing between the red and black wire leads for the battery circuit or the plug for the battery cable? Can you confirm if you are testing AC or DC power?

Testing at wire terminals where they connect to battery, while they’re disconnected from battery. Using DC setting on voltmeter.

The other ends of those wires just push into the Simon panel with no connector, like a cheap speaker wire is pushed into a speaker (but without the press/release tab in this case) Thank You.

Ok, was able to get this tested, that’s normal, with the battery unplugged you would see 12 between the battery terminals on the terminal block.

Thanks Jason, when first hooked up it was fine. Then it was saying “low batt”,
but after 1 week, that warning is gone. Seems like it took some time for the system to
settle in with the new batt.

Any ideas about what to do if there is zero volts at the battery leads and no power to the panel with a brand new 6V backup battery installed? Is there a component on the circuit board that has blown?

With the battery unplugged do you see 12v between the battery terminals on the terminal block?

If not the charging circuit or panel power supply may be the issue.