Simon XT Beeping and Sensors Not Connected

I have a Simon XT panel and it keeps beeping. I can’t get it to stop or get the sensors connected to it. I tried another source for instructions, but what it said I should see on the screen was not what I see. I appreciate any help.

Before I can really help you troubleshoot the problem, there are a few of questions that need to be answered first.

Do you have a Simon XT or a Simon XTi?
How long have you been experiencing this issue?
Are you seeing any kind of error message on the panel?
Were you doing any kind of work on or around any of the equipment?
Where have you gone for help on this issue?
What exactly were the instructions that you were provided?

Actually I got a message that it reported a low battery. Is that the problem?

Is your system still receiving power from the outlet? If not, that would explain why you are receiving a low battery notification. I would check to make sure the outlet the system is plugged into is still providing 120VAC and make sure the transformer is still providing power.