silent panics

RE: Q16 and Q18 silent police and silent emergency panics

Couple questions…

If I set Q16 police panic to silent, and police panic is triggered from any keypad/touchpad does it constitute an ‘alarm event’ that will trigger/activate all image sensors/video recording camera devices if motion is detected? Even if system is prior to panic in a disarmed state?

If I set Q18 emergency panic to silent (I am thinking if there is a medical emergency, I don’t want blaring sirens going off throughout the house)
Will Central Station still come over 2way radio and ask about the nature of the emergency/radio patch over to emergency services personnel?

(My children have been instructed to use this panic in event of a medical emergency situation, and we are incapacitated)

If not, can it be set up that in event of emergency panic, regardless of audible or silent, that central station comes over 2way radio?

Is there really any reason to have audible alarms in a emergency panic situation?

Yes, pressing the panic button is treated as an alarm and will activate camera and image sensor uploads, even if the system is disarmed.

2GIG doesn’t have a silent medical emergency, Q18 is either enabled (audible alarm) or disabled (the medical emergency button doesn’t appear on the touch screen). Yes 2-way voice would be activated on a medical emergency alarm.

You raise a good point. It doesn’t usually make sense to have an audible alarm on medical emergency. But that’s the way 2GIG did it so that’s the way it is. The audible alarm would turn off as soon as the 2-way voice call was connected but it does seem like that audible alarm on medical emergency would be more of a nuisance than it would be helpful.