Silent arming via ADC app?

Hi all,
I thought that an ADC iPhone app update a few months ago enabled support for silent remote arming of systems, but it doesn’t seem to support it in my app. Is this an issue with my account or does the 2gig system not support it?


When remotely arming via app it doesn’t give countdown. Its an instant arming with option for no delay arming. It though will announce “panel armed stay” for example.

There is no silent remote arming

yeah… i thought there’s supposed to be a new option in the app to do it completely silent (my dog flips out if he hears it so I can’t arm it from bed via my phone)

No. If you want remote arming silent, then uncheck the panel/TS1 option for “voice”

Apparently 2GIG doesn’t support it. iPhone App Version 2.5 (Aug 20, 2013) • Power Outage Details - in the event of a power failure, view real-time info on the percentage of other customers affected in your area • Silent Arming option available during arming, for supported systems • Live Video Settings – choose camera resolution for Live View • Video Recording Settings – view, pause, and resume video recording schedules via the app • Pause (and resume) Geo-Services without losing any associated geo-based rules and notifications • "What’s New" feature highlights new features after an update (also accessible later via the Settings menu) • Other minor fixes/enhancements

Here’s a screenshot from a Simon XT system.