Silence cell warning

I have what I believe to be a 2GIG-CP21. It is a new construction home and installed by the builder. I don’t have an alarm monitoring service yet, not sure when I will. It appears the cell phone signal comes and goes several times a day and the loud cell warning is annoying. Is there a way to silence this type of warning for good? I can silence it at the control panel but it comes back later as cell service is up and down. I do have the installer code and master code and firmware is at 1.17.

Thank you!

If a cell module is connected and no back-end service is reachable (no account) then your panel will be unable to resolve that error.

To get around that, you can indicate that there is no back-end service in programming. Enter System Config and go to Q91. Change Q91 to (0) no radio modem supplier. Exit saving changes.

This will need to be changed again when you want to begin service.