Signing up with suretyDIY

I rented a home and recently moved here, The owner had Ip camera and The home security system but I don’t know how create the account?

Happy to help out!

This page here covers how our service works.

If you have Qolsys IQ Panel, this page here covers how to obtain service.

Should you be utilizing a 2GIG Panel, this page here will show you how to obtain service.

If it is not one of these panels, please let us know the panel make/model so we can better assist you!

Please note, as of 6/1/2018 will no longer permit new accounts to be set up using Verizon CDMA communication modules due to the approaching CDMA service sunset. For more information on the subject, please see this post here.


Specific instructions to find the module ID would depend on the model of alarm panel at your location. What model of panel do you have? If you are unsure, you can post a photo of the panel here.