Signals not reaching CS

I just subscribed to Gold with CS monitoring. I have a IQ2 Panel purchased elsewhere. I’ve run the cell test and can successfully reach I have 4 bars of signal. I’ve tried arming the system and tripping sensors but no burglar signals are received at the CS when I call to check. They have received the periodic checkins from the panel though. I’m also not able to login to with my supplied user info. I get “Your control panel has not communicated with Please make sure your control panel is powered on then try again. If you are still having trouble, please contact us.”

Not sure what else to try.

It looks like this was posted shortly after the first cell phone test was run, so just to clarify, are these issues still occurring? I see plenty of activity on the account now.

If panel programming was entered right after the cell test and interrupted the initial connection with, it would delay the connection and the “Control Panel has not communicated” message would be expected.

Thanks Jason, I did a master reset late last night which seemed to kick start things. I was able to run another cell test after the master reset and then login to No more issues.