Should I get a Concord 4?

How hard is it to install the concord 4?

Here’s a quick list of pros and cons for each.

2GIG Pro: Compatible
Ease of programming both sensors and Z-Wave Devices
Ease of Installation
2-Way Voice Compatible
All in One Unit - People will try and argue that this is actually a con, but with Crash and Smash protection (comes standard on all devices), the security issues with other all in one units is eliminated.
Portability - If you decide to move, it’s easier to take the 2GIG system with you than the concord.
Easy on the eyes - Since the 2GIG panel is a touch screen, it looks good on the wall.
Native Communication with Honeywell Sensors
Equipment sold by suretyDIY

2GIG Con:
No Partitioning - Depending on what your setup is, this may very well be a deal breaker.
Requires a translator for any sensors not 2GIG or Honeywell compatible.
Requires Take over Module for wired sensors
Touch Screen can wear over time if many people are rough with it - Generally only a problem in busy commercial or industrial locations

Concord 4 Pro: Compatible
Very Durable - Concord 4 keypads are pretty resilient and can take a beating
Partitioning is possible
Native Communication with GE Sensors
Existing Terminals for wired sensors

Concord 4 Con:
Cumbersome Sensor and Z-Wave Programming
Multiple Wires need to be run - A wire needs to be run for the keypad, siren, and the cellular module needs to be wired up.
Longer installation time - This is due to having to mount and wire the control panel, keypads, siren, etc.
Translator required for any non-GE compatible sensors

I’m sure there are more in each category that I can’t think of at the moment. However, this is my opinion. If you’re using the system for a home, go with 2GIG. It’s much more DIY friendly than the Concord 4. If the system is going to be installed in a business where a bunch of different people are going to be using it or if you need a system that can be partitioned, go with the Concord 4.

One more con for the Concord 4… It has a 15 second dialer delay built in and you can not turn that off. That means when the alarm goes off the signal isn’t sent to the monitoring station until after an additional 15 second delay.

Yeah, that’s a big one. Not sure how I managed to forget that.