Shock sensor

What would your recommendation be for a shock sensor compatible with GC2 panel for a tall, narrow sidelight window that does not open?

Also, are glass break detectors reliable when windows are covered with shades?

How large is the window?

A 5800 series Honeywell Shock Sensor or a DW10 or RE201 plus a 5150W wired shock sensor would be compatible with the 2GIG GC2. The 5150W wired shock sensor has a range of up to 10 ft. for a single pane of glass. The 5800 series Honeywell shock sensor has a 7 ft. range.

For more information on the combination of the wired shock sensor and 2GIG-DW10 door window contact, see this video here.

As far as Glass Break detectors are concerned, any window covering can muffle the sound travelling to the Glass break and it is not necessarily recommended to use a glass break with fully dressed windows. However, functionality would be on a case by case basis and would need to be tested locally. Keep in mind the maximum operating distance of the glass break when testing.

If this is a concern, utilizing shock sensors/DW contacts on said windows may be the better option.

I believe the window is about 6-7 ft by 1 ft.

Is there any difference in the sensitivity/effectiveness of contact-wired shock combo vs the wireless shock sensor? Would there be any reason to go with the combo option if the window is less 7 ft long?


The Honeywell 5800SS1 (Wireless Shock Sensor) and the Interlogix 5150W combo mentioned above both mount directly to the glass, which would be ideal in a scenario where the glass does not have a solid frame (like a standard window does).

In this instance either of these devices would be interchangeable for your use case and would largely come down to personal preference/design. Both will work with a variety of glass types and the maximum coverage on these devices would both be the same, 10 feet.

i enrolled a HW 5800SS1 and it tests appropriately when i tap on the sensor itself. however, when i tape it to the window i want to surveil, tapping on the window, in fact banging pretty hard on the window, does not trigger the sensor. i’ve tried mounting and tapping multiple locations on the window. is this a faulty sensor, or it just won’t work on this window?

To clarify, typically tapping on the window with a finger/knuckle etc., will not do the trick unless you hit very very hard (not advised). The glass must be hit with a hardened implement or must actually shatter to produce the right reverberation.

You’ll want to use a large screwdriver handle or other hard implement of equivalent size and weight per instruction manual.

Also, what zone is this sensor in your panel? I do not see an applicable sensor. If it was removed, how was it previously programmed?

Sorry I gave the wrong impression—-I did test per the instructions, ie by banging the window with the back of a large screwdriver handle.

Yes I did change it to inactive status since I couldn’t get it to work properly. I had it programmed as a perimeter sensor, loop 1, with reporting and supervision enabled.

Could you go ahead and program it back in and post a photo of the sensor as it is installed on the window? Perform another test after re-installation and let us know.

Are you using the included 3m tape?

it is programmed back in.
i don’t have access to a photo currently, but i taped it to the window using masking tape for testing prior to final application to make sure it works first. it is taped at the lower corner 1 inch in and 1 inch up as directed.

but i taped it to the window using masking tape for testing prior to final application to make sure it works first.

As it is testing for vibration this unfortunately would impact how it functions. Glass testing will require the device be installed per manufacturer instructions. Be sure to attach it with the included double-sided tape. Unless properly adhered to the window, detecting shock to the window pane is not guaranteed.