Shipping costs a bit excessive ?

HI, I have been lurking here for a couple of months now. I decided to purchase a Vivout kit, a tilt sensor, and an entry door sensor - total listed weight 2.2lbs. The shipping cost was shown on checkout at $45 to Phoenix AZ area. I did not complete the purchase.
Was this an error in the checkout process or is this where they make up for their “discounted price”


Hm. I would agree that sounds high. Any chance you selected 2nd Day Air or Next Day Air? Unfortunately, shipping is linked directly to UPS, so its generated directly from UPS’s estimate based on the size of the box required for the equipment ordered. Ground UPS is more reasonable in my opinion, as I think don’t think UPS’s hike for expedited services is worth the extra cost.

A Vivout kit includes a sign post which leads to a bigger box, but I still would not expect that much for Ground UPS shipping for that sized order. We do not make money on shipping. Our equipment is offered as a convenience for clients, as our real aim is to to provide the best service out there, so items are priced as low as we can go. The “discount” for a kit is the free sign and stickers, but the pricing is the same for the other pieces of equipment as purchasing them ala carte.

Just took a quick look at USPS - if it fits it ships. $16 + Free box . 3 day delivery

That does seem excessive. I just noticed this which appears to be the cause of the problem:

Effective December 29, 2014, dimensional weight will be used to calculate the billable weight of all UPS Ground packages.

We’re looking into it…

thank you for the quick replies :slight_smile: