Share saved videos from with others via mobile device?

As the title says, is there an app or a way where I could for example share a saved video from my V520ir with someone without having access to a desktop computer? For example, sending the wife a quick clip from my iPhone 5 of the dog doing something funny? An app that would simply save whatever is currently playing on your device would work, but idk if that’s possible. Also, are there any plans to allow this in the future? Hopefully ADC will stay competitive with other service which are currently allowing this easy share feature.


You can already set users up with just video clips and live cam access. They can access it on their phone/mobile device as long as they have internet access via app

Or you can simply set saved clips to be automatically emailed to recipients you choose via notifications (or even download the clip manually, and email it yourself)

Yep, best bet would be to set up notifications to send clips and give them a customized login access for video.

It’s meant for surveillance purposes more so than quick media sharing. Which services are you referring to though in your post that use the proposed feature?

I’ve seen that with Dropcam rather Nestcam now and some of those other things like Canary that are really just glorified webcams but are being sold as “security” systems these days.

Yes, Dropcam and Nest are the ones that come to mind. I have a friend with a Dropcam that sometimes posts funny clips onto Social media and it’s so much easier from a mobile device. It’s obviously not necessary, but kind of neat nonetheless. Thanks for the info.