Setup issues with account

I am having trouble getting my account setup. I was going through the setup of my panel and it wanted me to signin to I tried to use the temporary password I was given, but it just kept taking me to the login screen. Any attempt to get a new password does the same. It’s just a loop. I think i might have associated my account with my other main email rather than the one i have the order with. I’m a bit confused what to do now.

The login page will provide the cause in the block of text when trying to login, I do wish they made it a bit more obvious, but this is expected if your panel has not yet communicated with

After submitting the form to activate the account, your panel must begin communicating with before you will be able to either login to ADC or use the password help tool.

First, run a cell test on your panel. This jump starts cell communication. Then after a successful test allow 20 minutes for connection commands to complete. If the test is not successful, reboot the panel (Settings > Advanced Settings > Reboot Panel) and try again.