SETUP - 2GIG Go!Control

When I was setting up, it told me that my Location telephone number and the Alarm 1st call person cant be the same number. I only have ONE number (cell), how can I forced these to be the same number as I am the location owner and the 1st person to call? Thanks!

It sounds like you are referring to the Order Survey fields. When looking at your order survey form, you can hover over the fields to get a detailed description of each.

Location number refers to a premise phone, a land-line, non-cellular phone which would be always at the location. The Location number is dialed first. If you do not have a land-line phone, this should be left blank.

If you do not have a location number, your first contact number would be dialed first.

I looked through all the menu to find the Order Survey field and could not find it to leave location phone blank as you stated…I remember it would not let me leave it blank when setting up but will try to blank it out if I have access to the fields are submitting it the first time. How do I get back to these fields to edit? Thanks!

The order survey is a one time form, used by our team to set up your accounts. If you have already submitted and been set up you can request any adjustments to your call list by submitting a secure message to our customer service team.