Setting up service with Surety!

Someone in my family ordered a 2GIG GCCDMV CMDA Cell Radio Module & A 2GIG UPCBL2 Firmware Update Cable for TS1 through Amazon. After it came in, he decided he wanted something different. My question for Surety is this - I have offered to purchase the items he has to activate my existing equipment in my home. I currently have the 2GIG GO!Control Touch Screen Wireless Panel that was serviced with Vivint with the previous owners. Will the items I am about to purchase work with this system?

And if they will, I am confused on the packages. How many sensors are covered with the basic vs. the gold packages?

You will want to ensure that the Cellular Module is compatible. Take the number that follows IMEI: for AT&T or ADC: for Verizon and plug it in to this Module Check Tool. This will ensure that it is compatible and unregistered.

The update cable will also help you update your panel’s firmware. You will need to update to 1.9.6 for your panel to work with the AT&T Cell Module and 1.9.5 for compatibility with Verizon.

More information on switching to suretyDIY with 2GIG can be found here.

As for monitoring packages we offer the Basic Interactive and the Gold Interactive packages. They can be purchased with, or without, Central Station Monitoring. This will go over Features and Pricing.

All sensors are covered for security monitoring with both packages. Gold includes 50 Sensors for activity monitoring. Here is an article that goes over the difference.

Thank you very much Tyler.

I guess my only other question is:
I have a full grown Boxer so it really wouldn’t do me any good to do motion detectors would it?

The 2GIG PIR 345 is pet immune up to 55lbs. I assume the dog is close to that size. The more the dog climbs or jumps the better chance it has of triggering the Motion Sensor

The RE210P is another option. This detector is pet immune with either two 60 pound animals or one dog up to 85 pounds. Do not use with cats.

Is the dog crated when the sensor would trigger an alarm?

He may be close to 85 pounds. He is not crated at all and he doesn’t jump or climb up on anything. He mainly stays in one room during the course of the day. I guess if that room does not have a motion detector then there shouldn’t be a problem should there?

The weight limit translates into a general height limit for a dog of that size. You may still see false alarms on a dog that size. If he does not jump on furniture it’s a little easier to fine tune the installation to avoid false alarms.