Setting Up Nest Thermostat

Hello. I am trying to replace my z-wave thermostat with a Nest thermostat. I do not see the option to add a nest thermostat in settings > automation.

Also, I am unable to remove the thermostat locally using the panel. The panel is stuck on discovering devices. It does not discover any devices, though commanding, for example, lights on and off using z-wave works fine. Any suggestions you have would be appreciated.


The Nest Thermostat integration, included in with Gold Automation, has been enabled on your account. You can add a Nest Thermostat via Settings -> Devices -> Automation Devices -> Nest Integration.

When attempting to remove the Z-Wave device, the screen will state “Discovering devices” this is the cue that the panel is listening for remove commands from the Z-Wave device. This is normal operation, once at this screen you will want to perform the un-enroll sequence on the Z-Wave device itself. Once successful, you should see the panel acknowledge the device removal.

Be sure to run a Z-wave network rediscovery whenever Z-Wave devices have been added or removed from the network. Services-> Z-Wave -> Wrench Icon -> Advanced Toolbox -> Network Rediscovery.

Tyler, thanks for your help. Everything is working now.