Setting up a Silent Alarm with 2GIG

We would like to set our alarm to be a silent alarm. Can you please setup all alarm events to be silent? Or please direct me to documentation that tells me how to do it. hopefully it can be done remotely.


I don’t see any panic buttons on this system, are you saying you do not wish for any sensor to ever trigger a siren?

There are a couple ways to handle this:

  1. If you do not wish for the panel to ever make noise of any kind, the sounder can be disconnected physically. The 2-wire connector is right next to the sounder inside the panel and can be unplugged. Be sure to power down the system fully before doing so.

  2. The 2GIG Panel has a “Silent Burglary” Zone type (do not use 24 Hour Silent Alarm, that activates independent of arming). Note that the RF Sensor Type (24) Silent Burglary is a silent Perimeter zone which will activate immediately when armed in Stay or Away.

There is no Interior follower equivalent to Silent Burglary, so motion detectors would either need to be programmed as Silent Burglary which means they would activate on Stay mode and would activate even during entry delay or they would generate a siren as normal programmed as Interior Follower.

It doesn’t look like you have any Entry Exit zones, so depending on how you use the system, you might not notice any difference in the Silent Burglary zone type for the motion detector.

To apply, you would need to change the RF Sensor Type to (24) Silent Burglary for each zone.

Now, all that said, in general I would not recommend setting all zones as Silent Burglary zones. Doing so vastly increases the likelihood of false alarms and unnecessary dispatch under normal operation if you have 24/7 Central Station Monitoring. That of course depends on how the system is used.