Set Up Users Through or Yale Lock

I recently set up my door access system with two Yale Real Living locks. I see that I can set up user codes in three places

  2. IQ Panel
  3. Yale Locks

When I tried to set up a new user through and grant access to both the panel and both locks, it did not successfully set up the access code on the locks when I tried to enter the new code. I had to enter that user code in the Yale Locks manually for it to work.

Can you set up access to the locks via If so, what am I missing?

I am also having an issue where I set up the user code on one of my two yale locks and the access code only works on the one I programmed. The other lock does not recognize the user code. Do I have to set up this user code twice? Once on each lock? Or can I set up once on and it will program the access code on both locks for me?

A few things may be wrong:

  1. Locks must be learned into the panel very close to the panel. Leave them there a minute to finish the learning process before moving anything. Always run a Network Rediscovery when done adding devices.

  2. As battery operated devices, locks need a lot more help from nearby repeaters. If you do not have many repeating devices, larger data packets being sent to the lock may have issues, or you may just have communication issues in general.

  3. Each code will require about five minutes to fully register. The delay ensures only one code is sent at a time to make sure they are received. If you were sending codes and testing quickly, you may have gotten to the lock before any code did.

  4. Cellular communication issues (this does not appear to play any part in this case, signalling looks good on the account)

So what’s the best way to set up user codes for the locks? Through user management? Or do I need to set up locally at each lock?

From your response above, it seems as though you are saying I can set it up via, but need to give it 5-10 minutes for the codes to get to the locks? Is that right?

That is correct. We generally recommend setting codes through

So do I need to delete the code I just tried to set up on the Yale lock, or both before trying to add it again through

Each code is assigned a code slot. Sending through will overwrite code slots in sequence other than the local master directly programmed into lock.

I added the new user via, granted access to both the panel and both locks, but with limited access times. I waited 10 minutes and the new access code do not work on either lock. What now?

It looks like nearly 10% of Z-wave device command packets are being lost in the network as it is reported in your counter diagnostics. This is a very high percentage (you will generally want to see it at least under 2%.)

If the locks were not learned in nearby the panel (within a few feet) you should do that now.

If they were, you may be in need of a repeater or two to assist with communication. How far are the locks from your primary control panel?

You can access these communication diagnostic counters on an IQ panel by accessing Settings > Installer Code > Installation > Home Control Devices > Counters.

I have two Yale locks in the system. One is 2.5 feet from the panel and the other is 20 feet from the panel. I learned both locks in the doors, so one was done within a few feet and the other 20 feet away. The panel recognized both just fine.

When I did the initial set up, I was unsure how to add user codes, so I set up all my user codes through one of the locks (the one 20 feet away). By doing this, I was eventually able to see each user code on’s user management page. The user codes have worked just fine on both locks even though I programmed on only one of them. I have edited those codes on with no issues.

Today, I went to add another user and wanted to understand the easiest way to get this done. And as you have seen via this thread, I have not had good results adding through Should I now remove the locks, delete from devices and re-add? How will that affect the user codes already in the locks? Do I need to re-add all of the user codes?

Thanks for your help.

Greatly appreciate your help on this. Awaiting your reply. Thank you.

Adding users through should be very effective, just mind the delay.

If it is not, you likely have one of the above mentioned issues, although that does not explain the lock mounted very close to the panel.

Can you try adding a user code through for just that close lock? It is highly likely the more distant lock is where the dropped command packets are occurring.