Set up/Testing questions

I installed a system and most things are working fine. I have come across a couple issues though.

1.) The panel keeps saying low battery. How long does it take the backup battery to charge?

2.) I have an RE219 flood sensor. I have been testing it and get it to go off for water and cold. But I can’t get it to go off for heat. Is there a certain way to test the heat? Or is a tamper notification sufficient enough.


1.) The backup battery for the panel should be charged within 24hrs. You may have to reboot the panel in order for the low battery notification to clear. I’ve seen that happen before. There are 2 ways to reboot the panel.

  1. Go into the system configuration of the installer toolbox. Then exit the system configuration. Even if you don’t make any changes to the system, the panel will still reboot.


  1. Open up the panel, then unplug the battery, then disconnect the transformer. Power the panel back up by first plugging in the battery, then the transformer.

2.) The only real way to possibly test the heat sensor is to take a blow dryer to it for a while until it heats up to the target temperature. I suppose it could be achieved with a heat gun as well, but make sure you don’t melt the device in the process.

Be very careful using heat…too much heat, for too long will destroy it necessitating complete replacement of entire detector irregardless of whether or not it is a rate of rise element (ROR)

I test fire protection devices/fire alarms for a living…and I learned the hard way with the heats…