Set up firmware questions

Hi I just purchased a 2Gig Cntrl2-345 with some accessories and I need to Update the firmware so I can install a Cellphone Module and TS1 Module.

The Firmware number on the label inside the Controller says v1.9.2

I HAVE NOT TURNED IT ON YET … I am slightly paranoid I will lock myself out of it and that is why I am contacting you first.

I want to install the latest firmware and I need to know do you simply run the newest firmware update application v1.10.1 or do I need to do stepped updates?

I downloaded the firmware file from your site.

I read and downloaded Control & TS1 Firmware Update Manual V1.10+.pdf!Control%20&%20TS1%20Firmware%20Update%20Manual%20V1.10+.pdf

Most of the stuff is new never installed but a couple items are used.

What I have
2GIG-CNTRL2-345 v1.9.2 firmware on label (not checked in menu yet).
2Gig 3G HSPA Cell Radio Module AT&T GC3GA-V
2GIG-XCVR2-345 - 900 MHz Transceiver TS1 Module

I do not have the TS1 yet … someone gave me one telling me it was broken… they were right … looks new but it will not fire up and the power supply is putting out 14v… So I will get that later… maybe I will get a Pad1 which costs less for now because I have a keyfob.

I also have a variety of window door contacts and other items.

Can you verify which file I need for updating the firmware.
Can you warn me of any steps that normally cause a customer to fail at this.

You will want to check in the menu for your current firmware version. You may damage the panel if you try to update the firmware and it is already the current version.

You do not need to do stepped updates and you can be brought up to the most current firmware with one update. As long as you follow the directions completely, you shouldn’t run into any issues updating the firmware.

You will need to run CDM20814_Setup on your PC before you begin any kind of update. After that, you will need to change the target in the CP_V1.10.1en file to match the COM port for the update cable. Directions on how to do that are located in the instruction pdf.

As far as steps that cause people to fail, I can’t think of any off the top of my head with the Go Control Panel. The instructions are pretty clear and updating that is actually quite simple if you follow the instructions.

The TS1 update, however, can be a little annoying because the 4 pin extender is an awkward thing to use and to make sure it’s completely plugged in during the update process.