Set rules in zwave???

Hello, let’s say One have a 2gig system and come across set rules and sense in zwave, particularly the CT100 thermostat. What are they? Can some one give an example?

Rules and Scenes?

An example is
When armed away, set temp to 80°

Geo location:
When within 2 miles (home fence) from home set temp to 72°

As Rive showed, zwave rules set up through create automation interactions between your equipment. Lights can come on when you open a door. Locks can lock when you arm your alarm panel. etc.

For the thermostat, rules are mostly isolated to the thermostat page (and Geo-Services, as Rive said) Away from home overrides, extreme temperature alerts, alerts when individuals change the target temperature, etc. may be set up on the thermostat page.