seperate sound/siren for shop sensors

I have recently purchased some window/door sensors and a second MyQ garage door opener, all for my shop in the back yard. Is there a way for these sensors to trigger a loud sound in the house (master bedroom for example) so when/if the sensors are triggered, it alerts a sound, rather than the full siren in the house? Also, may I add a siren in the shop and have it go off and not the siren in the house?

These sensors can be configured to be “No Response Type”. They won’t trigger an alarm, but they will still announce when they open or close. You can also setup notifications to text/email you when those doors/windows open or are left open.

You can add a siren to the shop, and if you use the Open Collector outputs on the panel for the wiring, you can configure when it sounds. You can have it chirp anytime the doors/windows open, alarm events, entry/exit delay beeps, etc.

Right, I understand the chimes. I am asking if I can set a separate siren/sound in the shop, rather than have the siren blare in the house and wake up my children. The siren would only be to scare off intruders. Can you have multiple sirens triggered by different triggers?

I am also inquiring about an alert/sound device in the master bedroom to sound when an intruder enters the shop, rather than blaring the house siren and waking up my children.

Maybe, the best option is to set a camera in the shop, triggered by the sensors and only use the chimes. How can I get the chime sound in the master bedroom? The control panel is on the other side of the house? Would the TS1 do this? --J

The TS1 does have a built in speaker and will announce sensors open and close. What is the distance between where the panel is located to where you want the TS1 in the Master Bedroom and how much brick/metal is in between?

The only way to somewhat partition the system so that a siren only sounds in the shop is to use an additional siren wired into the open collector outputs on the panel. You would also have to make the sensors no response type so that the shop doesn’t arm when the rest of the house does. The open collector can be programmed to sound upon sensors opening and closing. It won’t be a persistent sound that you would get if an alarm was tripped, but it would still make a loud noise.

Its about 40 feet. The Main unit is in a hallway next to the garage entrance. The hallway connects to a 22’ x 22’ living room where there is a small 4’ hallway to the master bedroom. All-in-all, it is probably 40 feet between the Main unit and where the secondary control pad would be (where the old, wired system secondary controller is). The shop is about 60’ from the nearest zwave light controller. The back door and windows are on a take switch.

What do you advise? Set the shop sensors on the GoControl to sound an alarm in the house when triggered? Can a secondary Zwave siren be added and placed in the shop? Only using the panel for a siren now…no secondary (external) siren being used right now.


You could use a Z-Wave Siren, although I would try to add some repeaters if possible as 60’ may be just a touch too far. The other alternative would be to use the Resolution Products Wireless Siren.

The 40’ shouldn’t be a problem for the TS1.

Will the siren on the GoControl work in conjunction with the wireless, or is it one or the other?

It depends on how you have the open collector programmed. If you program it to sound when doors open/close, then only it will sound but the GoControl will announce as it usually does. If you program it to sound during alarm events, it will sound at the same time as your panel. However, the open collector can only be programmed for one of those.

Note: You can get a second siren and wire it into the bell output on the GoControl to have it always sound during alarm events while the other one only sounds when doors open/close.