Sensors show tampered

I just installed two PG9934P motion detectors and when I try to arm the system it tells me they are both tampered. The cover is fully on the way it should be and I was able to take a test picture but can’t figure out what might be wrong.

I’m not seeing any active tamper alerts on your account. Was this resolved?

Not resolved yet. It shows tampered when I go to arm the system. Also every few minutes the sensor will fast beep like 4 or 5 times.

Can you provide a photo of the panel screen showing that status? And can you confirm the zone names or numbers that are affected, since we are not seeing that status match up in the back end?

Can you try deleting and relearning those two zones?

I deleted both and re-added one of them . Same results when trying to arm system.
When it senses motion the red led come on followed buy green led flashing 3 times. Also every so often it will beep fast.
Do you think the sensors are bad?

Always possible, but I think with two behaving identically something else is likely causing this. Can you provide a photo of the inside of the sensor and the inside of the back plate?

There is a front and rear tamper, the rear one uses the break-away back tab on the lower half.

Ok, that looks normal. It’s very odd it would show up with tamper on the panel but not have that status reported in ADC.

Can you try updating your panel firmware?

Then delete and relearn those.

Upgraded to 4.1.0
Deleted and relearned. Still said tampered.
I rebooted the panel. Instead of saying tampered this time it said synchronizing. After a few minutes it was working. Thanks for all your help.

Thank you for confirming!