Sensors Reporting False Tampers

I’m guessing this is the batteries finally going (waiting on a batch of cr 1632s to arrive today), but wanted to see if there were other possible causes just in case. Basically, I have 4 window sensors that have all started reporting false tampers over the last few days. The first was unfortunately when the alarm was armed overnight providing a wonderful wakeup call, but now several more have joined in. Giving all that, I’m assuming since they were all from a bulk purchase, the batteries are just all going around the same time. Is there anything else that might cause it though? They’re G.E. micro window sensors (Interlogix 1012 if memory serves).

Tampers being sent during low battery is not normal, but it is a known problem with the Resolution Products RE111 mighty mouse sensors. They were discontinued and replaced.

It looks like the related order did indeed include 4 RE111 sensors, and the order is from long enough ago that the tampers are certainly low battery related.

Replacing the batteries will resolve the issue on these 4 for as long as the batteries last. Otherwise those can be replaced under a special warranty condition. If you would like to stick with those and just replace the batteries, that is fine. If you want to get these replaced with the RE122 replacement model, please email our team at or send a private message through our forum to get started!

This begs a follow-up question, in 2 parts. First, is the battery/false tamper issue the only thing that triggered the discontinuation of the line? Second, would that special warranty only cover sensors I purchased through Surety, or is it driven by the manufacturer? I have either 13 or 14 of the Mighty Mouse sensors in play. Some ordered through Surety, others through eBay (did a bulk 10-pack purchase).

Depending on how much effort the warranty replacement process is (and if it would cover all or not), I may just go the battery route for the time being.

Yes, the tamper instead of low battery alert was as far as I know the main reason for the discontinuation. They otherwise function normally.

We would only be able to assist with direct replacement of the sensors purchased through Surety. Those four could be replaced quickly as we work with our distributor and Resolution to resolve this particular sensor issue (the old ones in this case are typically not even needed to be shipped back, since we have the transaction record and it is a unique special warranty case).

Were the others purchased from a dealer’s ebay account or an individual unknown seller?

It’s been long enough I don’t remember, but I think it was an individual seller. I guess we can work on replacing the 4 at any rate.

On the good news front, it seems the batteries did last almost exactly 5 years, so they lived up to that claim. :slight_smile:

Customer Service should be reaching out to you shortly regarding this matter