Sensors Randomly Offline

Suddenly all my sensors are struggling. I’ve had them all for around 3 years and all seemed to start after I removed the panel from the wall and reinstalled it. Ever since random sensors are alerting offline and online randomly throughout the day and night.

Is the little black antenna the RF antenna? Wondering if I damaged it. I can’t imagine the sensors battery life is 3 years, seems short for two batteries.


The sensor antenna on the IQ Panel 2 is the thin white flexible antenna. It must be routed out the back of the panel and into the wall for proper reception. If it is left in the panel or pinched in the back plate it can affect signaling for non-PowerG sensors.

3 years is a pretty normal time frame for some sensors to start showing low battery effects, but it would be odd to see them all abruptly. I would check that thin white antenna.

That did the trick, the antenna was pinched behind it. I put it back into the wall and haven’t had a sensor trip in the last 24 hours, used to be almost hourly.

Thanksf or the help!