Sensors not showing status on ADC does not see when my side or front doors are open My 2gig panel sees them just fine does not . I have DW20R-345 sensors on both doors.

In looking into this account it appears that the zones labeled “Side door” and “Front door” on are programmed as Non-reporting sensors. The zones labeled “Side doorbell” and Front doorbell" are programmed as entry/exit.

If any changes have been made to zone descriptions, you’ll want to verify the zones weren’t mislabeled.

Also, if you are referring to the sensor status section of your app or web page, you’ll want to make sure that sensor activity monitoring is set up for the sensors in question.

Zones "Side door" and "Front door" are programmed as Non-reporting sensors. The zones labeled "Side doorbell" and "Front doorbell" are programmed as entry/exit.

Doors and doorbells are not programmed properly.

Here is how to properly program a doorbell and a dw20r door sensor.

Go back through the programming and fix the programming errors.


Door DW20R:

This was my issue that was posted on my behalf.

I changed the doorbell’s so that they would have different names than the door sensors themselves - the rest of the program seemed OK if I go against the links that rive posted above (thanks for that).

After applying the name change all is well now and the status is reporting correctly on

Thanks for the help folks!

Now you need to contact central station data entry (if you have the central Station), and have them change the zone names to reflect the changes you made on panel/

For more info on programming changes and central station, see:

I am having issues with one window. Its the only sensor that falses. This is the 2GIG thin wireless contact. I have already replaced the sensor with a new one and it still falses. I did not replace the magnet though and don’t an extra one. I am thinking a stronger magnet might help?

It seems to happen on windier days, but I am not sure. I took pictures so you can see how everything lines up nicely. I have other sensors that are not line up nearly as well and they never false.

I put washers under the receiver unit to make space so it lines up better with the magnet. I am at a loss and I obviously can not have this window falsing.

This last time, the alarm was not on and it annouced window open and on the panel it showed the contact open even though when I looked at the window it was totally closed and everything was lined up.

Perhaps 2 bad sensors I received in a row?

@Diamond Dog

I addressed this in your other post. Your dw10 is installed improperly.


Thanks Rive. Didnt know Central Station needs to be made aware of any new sensors. Figured if I can see it on then they could as well.

Hi I just bought and paired 3 2gig motion sensors with camera I have the GC2 panel, all I’m trying to figure out is how to see images on my app

Hi I just bought and paired 3 2gig motion sensors with camera I have the GC2 panel, all I’m trying to figure out is how to see images on my app

Happy to help. It looks like the panel in question is a 2GIG GC2 with firmware 1.9.6. Note that no Image Sensors are populating on your account, but this is due to panel incompatibility. Firmware version 1.10, along with a 900Mhz transceiver would be required to use Image Sensors. Image Sensor requirements can be found on the product page.

In this case you would need to update firmware, and if you do not have one, swap the stock transceiver for the 900Mhz XCVR2.

Information on updating the firmware of your 2GIG panel can be found here.