Sensors for Insights Engine

I’ve been thinking about the Insights Engine. Would there be a benefit to adding sensors that are just to feed more data to the Insights Engine? For example, we don’t have a motion detector in the garage - it is outside the alarm perimeter and we would not want to alarm on motion in the garage. But, if we added a motion detector in the garage, could the Insights Engine feed off of this and then, for example, give “unexpected activity” alerts for the garage? I guess I’m asking which sensors the Insights Engine takes into account, is it only active security sensors, or “all of them”?

Great question! All sensors reporting sensor activity can be taken into account. “No Response Type” sensors and other security monitored sensors alike.

Thanks Warren. I guess to ask more specifically do I have to have “activity monitoring” enabled if I want a sensor’s data to be included?

Also did you guys increase the number of monitored sensors included in the gold tier? I see it is 50 now, but I feel like I was close to the cap last time I checked.

Yes, I want to say it just uses the Activity Monitoring Sensors as options in the notification, as well as Garage Doors, Locks.

Yes, 50 sensors can be selected for activity monitoring now.