Sensors changes and central monitoring

I’m a current LiveWatch customer ready to switch to SuretyDIY, but I was curious how the process of changing sensors works.

As I understand with LiveWatch, when I make a change to the security sensors in my panel, I have to then call them and have them update the list of sensors at the central monitoring station. There is no way for me to see what central monitoring thinks is my sensor list. Apparently if I add a sensor that they don’t know about, and it triggers, they will not notify the local police.

Is this the same with SuretyDIY? And since the only support is this forum, how do I get my CMS sensor list up-to-date?


As a DIY system, you can change your sensors at any time. As long as they are programmed to do so, our CS will respond to all signals from new unknown sensors, as the signal determines response type. (we know if it is a perimeter/panic/environmental alarm etc.) However, our operators would not be able to relay the location of such an alarm, where it originated in the location, without the sensor description.

Whenever you add sensors or change zones around, you can just email to let us know those changes, and we will update your central station account to match so our operators have the zone descriptions.