Sensors arent sounding

My panel is working and arming/disarming but theres no voice coming out. (Back door,etc). Also no chimes when something is opened as theres always been. I havent changed any settings, and it says on the settings that the voice and chimes are on…

Have you tried a reboot of the panel?

As long as the panel is communicating to ADC the easiest way to reboot is to use the Reboot panel option in your Surety System Manager here. Allow 5 minutes for the command to take effect locally. Does this resolve the issue?

Ok, I did the reboot (thanks for the link!) but no luck. Still not talking or chiming ???

Just to verify, the lack of sound affects all sensors?

Is the panel producing other sounds such as tamper beeps or arming countdown beeps?

If there is no sound at all you may have a loose or damaged speaker/speaker wire.

Yes, it’s all the sensors. It talks when I arm or disarm it. Saying “system disarmed, ready to arm” etc. But it doesnt count down beep or chime when windows are opened. The screen itself beeps when I touch it, enter password,scroll through menu options, etc.

Looking at history, shortly before this last post there was an arm and disarm. These were both sent by the mobile app. Were these tests of the panel sounder?

If you arm remotely through the app, there will not be a countdown at all. It will just arm immediately and announce arming.

You would need to arm at the panel itself to determine if countdown beeps occur.

There aren’t many settings which affect chimes on the 2GIG Panel. Individual sensors can have their chimes disabled though, so it would be good to double check and make sure this hasn’t changed. This is found under Security > Menu > Toolbox > Chimes Setup.