Sensor Tamper Error


I just finished installing my entire system but recently I am getting an error:

“Sensor Tamper (Hardwire Translator)
Tamper (Hardwire Translator) indicates that the cover was removed from the device. Make sure that the cover of your device is attached securely. If this does not resolve the issue, contact us for support.”

Any idea as to how I can resolve this? The Tamper wire is in place and screwed in tightly.
I did also reboot the main IQ Panel 4 as well but the error is still showing.

Is this a Hardwire 16F translator?

Are you using a short jumper wire for the tamper terminals?

Can you post a photo of those terminals and the jumper so we can check if anything jumps out at us?

Hi Jason,

Yes, it’s the 16F Hardwire Translator.

There is a short jumper wire for the terminals. I did also do a power cycle on the hardwire translator and a reboot of the panel, but the error is still on the panel.

Also, I would like to add that the Glass Break Sensor (Interlogix) is showing the red light when it hears a sound, but it is not being learned in the panel.

Here are the attached images.

Thank you!

I would recommend pulling that jumper and trying a different one, just in case that one has a break/resistance on it. It’s not likely but it can happen on solid cable like that. Cut a fresh short length of cable for it.

If no result, I would reset that Hardwire 16F using the Memory Reset button. It will clear sensor memory and reset the device to factory defaults when held down for 3 seconds during power up.

Awesome! So memory reset got it to work and the glass break sensor was able to be added too! But now low battery warning :man_facepalming:

I am not seeing a low battery reported on the system. Are you still seeing this issue locally?

Not anymore, I power cycled a few times and the error has since then been removed. Now the device is running perfectly.

Just wanted to say thank you Jason for all of your help! I’m excited and happy to have this product as I have already added a handful of z-wave devices and plan to try the automation functionality more.