Sensor Tamper and I wasn't Called

I found out one of my sensors was tampered earlier while people were working at my house. Why didn’t I receive a call?

Tampers while the system is disarmed are not forwarded from to the central station. You would not receive a call.

Alerts of this type can be received by customizing the notifications under your notification tab in You can receive these as texts, push notifications, or emails immediately.

Choose the System Actions to Watch notification. If you want different users to be able to receive notification for different events, you can create additional System Event notifications by selecting New Notification.

I get the alerts straight to my phone.

If nothing else it is good to setup low battery alerts to your phone.

I will quite frequently go days w/o looking at my panel, but know about them instantly on my phone.

To set this up you need to add a System Event notification on ADC:

  1. Goto the Notifications tab
  2. Click the New Notification button
  3. In the Standard tab of the dialog, click the System Event type.