Sensor set up

I am trying to set up my system. I had Vivnt system and want to use the sensors from that system. I was told they would work. I programmed the sensors using the learn button. The problem I am having is that the system is telling me the the window/door is open when it is not. What am I doing wrong??? Here are two pictures of the sensor I am using…

Also, I have a garage tilt sensor. How the heck do I install it?

I appreciate any help you can give me.

That’s a Honeywell 5816 Door/Window Contact and it works with 2GIG. The programming for that sensor should be

Sensor Type: (01) exit/entry 1 or (03) perimeter (your choice)
Equipment Type: (2) contact
Equipment Code: 0637 (which means Honeywell D/W “5816”)
Serial Number: 0292682 (from your picture)
Equipment Age: (1) existing
Loop Number: 2 (assuming you’re using the built in magnetic switch)
Reports: (1) enabled
Supervised: (1) enabled

The rest of the options for the sensor are up to you. I can’t see what your current settings are because your system has not communicated with since November 9th. Are your cellular communicator and antenna plugged in correctly? What happens when you run a cell phone test?

To install your garage door tilt sensor use some outdoor permanent double sided tape and tape it vertically to the inside of your garage door. When the garage door goes up, it tilts sideways and will activate the sensor sending a signal to your 2GIG panel. Here’s a little more detailed information…

THank you! I will try the sensors with those settings. I unplugged the system because the alarm was going off! Hoping this will help. I will keep you posted! :slight_smile:

I got my system set up. Thank you very much!!!

Excellent! Feel free to post if you have any questions.