Sensor open notification

I’ve been troubleshooting a window contact to determine why is shows as open in app but not at panel. The app refreshes for other sensors properly. The batteries in sensor have been changed, even though there was no low battery indication, as another step. Any suggestions as to how to get this window to stop showing as “open” when it’s actually closed.? Thanks.

If you open and close that contact does the panel show the correct corresponding status? If you have it set to chime, does it chime every time that window opens?

Jason, to my knowledge yes. Im not at the premises to try. Additionally, this window is high above a stairwell, and never actually opened. In the interim, until it can be tested, is there any other suggestion to clear from app?

As it would be a very serious security risk, the reported status of a sensor cannot be manually changed. The underlying problem must be resolved in order for the sensor to report closed.

The history indicates the sensor is being bypassed at the panel, which suggests it is reporting open at the panel. I’m also seeing repeated Tamper alerts recently for that sensor. Has anyone been interacting with it locally? Is that from replacing batteries? If not there is likely a physical issue with the sensor itself.

Some issues which may result in this:

  • Cleaners dislodging or damaging sensor
  • Battery issues
  • Signal interference, usually comes with loss of supervision errors however
  • Malfunctioning Sensor