Sensor Open/Close Event for Video

Hi! I just installed the ADC-V721W outdoor camera. I worked diligently with my alarm provider (Guardian) in order to have them enable the ‘Video’ tab w/in my account.

The setup for the camera was super easy and it works great!

I would like to setup an event/schedule that triggers the camera to take a video clip when the front door is ‘opened’. I see this is advertised as an option on the website. I also found the detail w/in the app’s help menu.

I can setup triggers for when the security system ‘alarms’; when my garage door is opened/closed; during entry delay; etc. What I do not have an option for is “Sensor Open/Close”. The help docs read as this may be an add’l option that must be enabled w/in my account.

What say the experts?
Thanks a million,

I would like to setup an event/schedule that triggers the camera to take a video clip when the front door is ‘opened’.

See video recording schedules If you do not have the trigger “sensor opened or closed”, then that is something you need to discuss with your provider

Hi Riven - Awesome. Thank you! I’ll reach out to Guardian and see if they can assist. When I click “Recording Schedules”; Add Schedule - My only ‘trigger’ options are:

Video Motion Detection (VMD)
Entry Delay
System Armed or Disarmed
Garage Door Opened or Closed

I’ll report back what Guardian ‘tells’ me :slight_smile:


When you log in to and look at your “Sensors” page, do you have Activity Monitoring enabled for that sensor? video doesn’t communicate with your control panel. It works through so you may need activity monitoring enabled in order to use the sensor in a recording schedule.

He doesn’t have a trigger for “sensor opened or closed”

Hi Guys - Thanks again for the assist.
I spoke w/Guardian this afternoon. I currently only have the “Basic Interactive Package”. The “Advanced Interactive Package” is required to have sensor monitoring enabled; per Guardian. I requested that I be upgraded. Of course, there is an addendum that I must sign electronically. I should have that on Monday.

You guys know any other differences between the 2 packages?

Thanks again,

While I can’t speak to how another company customizes their packages; our Basic Interactive and Gold Interactive packages, and the features included (or not) in each, are shown here.