Sensor on Takeover module randomly opens

I have a few previously wired sensors and have used the Takeover module to integrate them to the GC2 panel. Every once in a while one of the sensors randomly sets off the alarm (the TV Window). The window is not touched and the sensor is not really open, the alarm is reset and it works for many days without tripping. For now I will disable these sensors, and will likely replace them with 2gig DW10 sensors. Any idea of why these sensors are randomly tripping on? Thanks.

Intermittent false alarms on wired circuits typically indicate either cable damage of some kind, loose wiring at either the TAKE or the sensor, or borderline resistance issues. In rare cases it may just be a failing sensor.

When that occurs on a wired circuit on a TAKE I typically first recommend removing the circuit wires from the sensor and TAKE side and cutting them, strip back sheath to reveal fresh wire and re-attach firmly. Corrosion on old wires can impact resistance and cause intermittent issues. This also takes care of loose wiring.

Makes sense, thanks for great support!