Sensor offline

I am having a problem with ‘entryway’ cycling offline. Can you help me identify what exactly that is? I think my thermostat is called entryway and is a Nest, but I think my TAKE-345 also has the front door labeled as entryway.

The only device associated with your account with the name “Entryway” is the Nest thermostat.

I can confirm that the Nest thermostat is the device showing an offline malfunction today. This is a bit different than an offline malfunction for a sensor, because the Nest connects via the back-end and communicates using your local wifi.

This could be indicative of intermittent wifi connection dropping at the thermostat, or internet connectivity issues. Try a router reboot first.

I tried a router reboot and It has not helped, but my network is still slow. That may be a consolidated internet problem. The fiber here is not great. Can you help me just remove the thermostat from my system? I can do it, I just need instructions.



Certainly, I can do that for you. The device is no longer linked to your account at this time.

If you wish to re-link it in the future you can do so from the website.