Sensor Names on

I changed a few sensor names but they aren’t being reflected on, even after running two cell communicator tests. Is there something else I can do get them updated?

After sensors are uploaded initially, names do not automatically get updated because you can manually override them in for the purpose of notifications and the app.

I’ve sent a command to sync the current panel names with ADC and update ADC with what is in the panel. Allow about 5 minutes and those should update.

Thanks Jason. The names have updated now, but it looks like doesn’t support custom sensor names? I have a few custom names like “Storage Room Door”, but only the first character of the custom word shows in In this case it reads “s Room Door”. The word “Storage” isn’t in the list of Concord 4 sensor names, so I spelled it out manually on my panel.

The panel won’t push custom character names. You can however update that name manually in to whatever you wish. Settings > Devices > Devices

The names in will replace what you see in the website and app and notifications.

Got it. Thank you.