Sensor - monitor only

I’d like to add a couple of sensors to my yard gates that do not get activated when the alarm system is armed. I just want to have open/close notifications on the gates regardless of system state. Can someone point me in the right direction? I have a GC3 panel.


A good option for this purpose would be the Honeywell 5816OD outdoor contact.

Sensor Type: 23 - No Response Type
Sensor Equipment Type: Contact
Equipment Code: Existing Door/Window Contact
Serial Number: Learn – Trip Sensor
Equipment Age: New
Sensor Loop: 2 (or Loop 1 if using it as a transmitter for a different wired sensor)
Transmission Delay: Disabled
Voice Descriptor: As Desired
Sensor Reports: Enabled
Sensor Supervised: Enabled
Sensor Chime: As desired

Thanks Jason. I had purchased a couple of 2GIG recessed door contacts. I am able to add them to the panel, learn the serial number, but I cannot get them to trip. I’ve tried putting them in as an entry/exit type as well but whatever I do I cannot get them to trip open/closed. What could I be doing wrong? I’ve set them up exactly as shown in your response except for putting them in specifically as the recessed door type for equipment code.

I had purchased a couple of 2GIG recessed door contacts.

To clarify, are these for a different purpose than what was originally requested in this thread?

The DW20R will likely see its lifespan affected by use in a completely unregulated outdoor environment. It would be better to use outdoor sensors as described above.

The Loop number programming is different depending on the model of sensor.

The DW20R uses Loop 1.

Thanks Jason - putting them on loop 1 solved the issue. I already had these on hand so I will see how long they last outside. Hopefully being embedded in the gate will afford them some protection and they will last a while.

Humidity and temperature will be an issue in the long run. I couldn’t say how long they will last, but it will depend on how well it is sealed in there.