Sensor malfunction.

I started getting Administrative Errors about two weeks ago for my family room window sensor. Replaced battery, didn’t help. Bought a new window switch. Found serial number through panel. Replaced. Now it is happening again. But can’t look at S/N to see which sensor it is now. I also have a ZWave door near that window that is sending alerts as well. 50 or so feet away from panel for closest window to maybe 70 feet from farthest window. Administrative Error is the notification. What can I do?

Administrative errors? Do you mean… malfunction “loss of supervision”?

Did you:

  1. Uninstall the old sensor you replaced?

2 check your signal strength via panel test mode?

  1. If both the sensor, and the zwave device that are in the same
    Location, and both report connectivity issues, it may be because the panel is not properly positioned for optimal signal strength, or there are line of sight obstructions. Ideally, panel needs to be center of home, and if the sensors are weak, you should then install a repeater. For zwave they have built in repeaters, so install another zwave device between that door and the panel.

If the message is “loss of supervision” this indicates a signal issue, or as Rive’s first question alludes, that the old sensor’s serial number is still programmed into the panel and the panel is still looking for its signal.

Did you swap the serial number that had been programmed for the previously malfunctioning sensor? Or did you program the replacement sensor as a new zone?