Sensor malfunction

My sensor #4 is reporting as malfunctioned on ADC currently and in the history, with no notice of restoral. The malfunction also shows in the panel notifications. However it is not showing as active at the panel and it seems to be functioning properly when opening and closing the door. It is a wired D/W sensor enrolled via a power g translator.

After 22 hours, sensor malfunction message is still showing on ADC despite the sensor appearing to function correctly. I rebooted the panel, then logged out of ADC then logged back in. Sensor malfunction still showing.

What does this mean?


The malfunction reporting in at this time is the Z-Wave Lock labeled Garage Entry Door, not a hardwired sensor.

I have sent some commands to resync the Lock bou will want to clear the lock, re-add it, then run a Z-Wave Network Rediscovery if you are still using it. Steps found below: