Sensor Malfunction But All Tests Work?

Hey all, I am having an issue where both of my recessed door sensors are reporting a loss of supervision error and do not trigger with the alarm armed. The weird thing is that when I run sensor tests from the panel they do trigger normally indicating that they do in fact work. I have tried resetting the panel as well as replacing the batteries in the sensors (they are only 6 months old) and still am getting the malfunction error. Any ideas?

The sensors are 2GIG Encrypted Recessed Door Sensors and the panel is a 2GIG Edge

Are the sensors the encrypted version or the unencrypted version?

On the Edge panel the correct equipment code must be selected to match whether it is the encrypted model.

I would double check the exact model, if you have the DW20e the equipment code must be updated for both sensors to 2863, not 0863.

Thanks Jason,

They are the encrypted version and I updated the code to 2863 for both and restarted the panel. It is still giving the same error

Open and close those sensors. Does your panel report activity? (not in test mode)

As soon as I opened each door (not in test mode) I got a notification that the respective sensor was back on line. It looks like user error on my part during the initial setup, thank you for the suggestion about the codes, it looks like this is resolved.