Sensor loss - Radio modem network failure

My 2Gig panel lost contact with all sensors yesterday. I have a hybrid system, with two Take-345 integrating wired sensors from an old hard-wired ADT system. No history of power surges or outages. This am panel shows “Radio modem network failure” message. Z-Wave devices still shown. How do I proceed from here?

Hmm, sensor communication and cell communication are separate radios.

I can see plenty of recent signals from the panel and it responded to a status request. Are you still seeing Radio Modem Network Failure? This error refers to cell communication.

Are your sensors not communicating with the panel right now?

Two things to try first:

Power cycle the panel completely. Unplug the transformer and battery for 2 minutes, then power back up.

Then, after 5-10 minutes, run a manual cell test.

Any change?

Thanks. I ran a manual cell test and it passed before I saw your post. Now the sensors appear to be communicating, and the bypass I set has cleared. Strange glitch for sure. Should I still power cycle the panel?

If all the sensors are now working as expected it is likely not necessary.

So we can look into it further, when did the panel show Radio Modem Network Failure? The panel history itself should show the time this message occurred.

Shown at 9/12/2016 @ 00:45 hrs. Sensors failed ~ 17:45 hrs on 9/11/2016.

Thank you. If you saw a “Sensor Loss of Supervision” for all the sensors around the same time, we’ve seen this a couple times before. A power cycle resolved the cases we saw. Was this on an older panel or a newer GC2, symbols or “Emergency” spelled out under the emergency button?

Older panel, I believe. Nothing under the emergency button. I did pull the power on the ADT panel, but it and the Take-345 are on battery backup. So seems to have resolved spontaneously. As a pilot friend of mine said flying a Grumman Goose over an Alaskan Glacier, I worry about problems that fix them self.

I wonder if the bypass resolved the issue. Did you manually bypass everything? Did you arm/disarm? (changing the arming state to disarmed would then remove bypass)

Also, did you enter and exit programming at any point? That would reboot the panel.

I do see sensor signal reports before the phone test, some motion detector activity, so the panel was signaling again prior to the test.

I just got a Radio Modem Network Failure on a GC2 panel. A quick Google search led me here, yeah SuretyDIY.

I first tried the Manual Cell Modem test, it failed. Then as Jason mentioned I powered down the panel & unplugged the battery. 2 minutes later I powered up and ran the manual cell test (passed). The problem seems resolved.

Thanks for the fix. Should I expect any future errors, or is this likely a one time glitch?

Should I expect any future errors, or is this likely a one time glitch?

Radio Modem Network Failure is an alert when the cellular communication module on your panel fails to communicate with the back-end service.

There are a great many possible causes. From the description of what you did however it was likely an issue with a tower connection. Powering down for 2 full minutes forces the module to re-register. Signal Strength looks otherwise very solid. Let us know if you do notice it again though.