Sensor list in app not same as panel after change

I removed 2 sensors and replaced with new sensors, different name. My panel shows the correct list, but the app still shows the older sensors (after 2 days). Restarted phone but still no luck.

Any help is appreciated.

Ive sent some commands to resync the device list, give it about 5 minutes to resolve. Log out of your ADC app, then back in, and confirm the change.

If has not updated, let us know the Zone and name of the sensors that arent showing up in ADC.

It has not updated. The change is as follows

Kitchen window #1 deleted
Kitchen window #2 deleted

New sensors:
Kitchen window left
Kitchen window right

This shows up on the panel but not on the app.

Sensor names will not automatically sync after a zone is first added. This is due to the fact you can name devices with longer or more specific names in for notification purposes. If you just replaced the same zone number with a new DLID and name the name would need to be pulled manually or you can manually change the name in your Manage Devices page in

I’ve sent a command to request the sensor names from your panel and use them in ADC. It looks like that completed successfully. The device names should be updated now.

Thanks the app is synced up now.