Sensor Left Open

hi, I am having difficulties with my front door sensor reporting that the door is open even when it is not. I’ve tried taking it down and repositioning the sensor multiple times, however this does not seem to do anything. Even when the sensor is not mounted onto anything I still encounter the same issue, with the panel saying that it is open. I was wondering if this was still under warranty, and could be replaced.

If you purchased the sensor from suretyDIY, we would honor the manufacturer’s warranty.

It looks like the sensor you are referring to on this system is a DW10-345. Is that correct?

A DW10-345 would carry a 2 year warranty.

Yes, that is the sensor that I have, and I did purchase through suretyDIY. What do I need to do the receive this replacement?

The form you would need to return with your current sensor, along with what options you have for the replacement are available here.

We honor the manufacturer’s warranty, which varies by manufacturer and by specific product. If a replacement part is required, you may either 1) return the defective item, at which point we will ship you a replacement, or if you would like the replacement shipped prior to the defective equipment arriving at suretyCAM 2) you can purchase a replacement for us to ship out, the cost of which will be refunded once the defective equipment has been returned to us.