Sensor left open issue

I’ve noticed some anomalous behavior with the energy manage to I have set up. Using the Qolsys panel and ADC T2000 thermostats, I have numerous temp exceptions set up for windows or doors left open to change the set points for the system. If I have two windows open in one zone, and then subsequently close one of them, the system thinks it’s time to recover and ignores the other window that’s still open in the same zone.

This happened most recently last night. My firmware is up to date as of last week. Let me know if I can offer any additional details but this looks like a programming oversight on the ADC backend.

Interesting, and also easy to test and confirm. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Can you post any other times when this occurred (in addition to last night) and include time of day if possible. I can get ADC looking into it quick.

Let me see if I can find some examples. Probably easier if I just create the scenario and log the time it happened.

We’ve had a chance to test the sensor left open energy saver rule with two open windows. The rule worked as described multiple times. Open one (or both) windows and the threshold would change to what we set it. It didn’t matter in which order we shut the windows either. The rule stayed in effect until all were closed.

Hopefully you can give us some more examples of when this occurred as well as any other thermostat related rules you have running concurrently.

If I get a chance I’ll play with it tonight.

There was some general wackiness with my thermostat settings across the board that I noticed this morning. Specifically, the temperature set points for all system states were changed. I went through and reset the cooling this morning so maybe the open sensor issue is related.

Possibly. Just keep us updated if it happens again and what other tstat rules may have been in effect at the same time. The more information we have the better.