Sensor delay

I have a question about some sensors in my qolsys.
I have been having an issue in one area. I already changed the sensor from a Honeywell 5814 to a RE101 and just ordered a qolsys brand to see if it will solve this issue. It reports every time when I open my front door, but only 30-50% of the time it recognizes that it was closed.
Than in the notifications in I get one of these:
“Sensor-Left-Open Restoral”, but that sometimes come 1 hr later or not at all until I reopen the door wait a few seconds than close it. If I use the door normally, it almost never senses I closed it. If I wait like 10 seconds than close the door it would register. I only noticed it with my front door and once at another door, but I normally only use my front door…

If your Qolsys panel was purchased a while ago or was purchased used, it may be an issue related to sensor latency and compatibility problems.

I know Qolsys released a tech bulletin regarding this.

Revisions A, B, and C of the Qolsys panel that have not been factory upgraded past RFPIC 1 are susceptible to this. Qolsys branded sensors should work just fine, but most others were not fully supported at that point is my understanding.

If the above does not apply, other problems that could cause a problem with sensor closing signals include gap distance between the magnet and sensor, distance issues, and excess metal material nearby the sensor. (Often a combination of the above)

Hi Jason
Is there a way to upgrade the panel? Mine is rev.A RFPIC 1.

The RFPIC version must be updated by Qolsys at the factory. It may be beneficial to inquire whether they would upgrade that for their customers. I am unaware of a specific program in place.

Can you get me an e-mail address where I could write to them? On their site it sends me to my dealer…

I actually left a voicemail with their sales dept on your behalf. Waiting to hear back with options.