Sensor Communications

Hello, I have had my system running for about 3-4 months. No issue with window or door sensor communications until about 2 weeks ago. Now I am having communication issues nightly for sensors on the perimeter of my home (tends to happen in the middle of the night), it is a step change in operation… sensors are losing communication nightly and before there were no communication issues.

Batteries are fine on the sensors. Anything that would explain a sudden step change in sensor communication?

I’ve ordered a repeater to boost the signal but I’m concerned with the step change in communication issues over the past several weeks.

Thanks for the help.

Batteries are fine on the sensors. Anything that would explain a sudden step change in sensor communication?

Are these new sensors as of when you activated service or are these existing sensors in the home?

Batteries do not need to report low in order to be impacted by lower battery levels when signaling may be borderline already or other potential issues like range and attenuation are present. If these sensors have been used for a few years I would try new batteries first. If they are new sensors then batteries should be fine.

Is the panel mounted or resting on a table/shelf? Any large sources of metal nearby the panel? Are any of the sensors attached to metal?

Are these sensors all the same model number? How far away are they from the panel?

Some more details:

The panel is mounted on the wall, same location as it has been

Sensors are new, batteries are a few months old. The sensors are attached to vinyl windows, no change since initial install. Door sensor is on a metal door but no issue with that sensor. It is generally sensors that are a further distance from the panel, none close. It is just strange that the issue developed acutely

No other changes in my home other than it is getting warmer outside. Is range affected by humidity?

There can be some seasonality to issues, sometimes hard to nail down, but I wouldn’t naturally associate warming temperatures with supervision errors.

Other changes at the home may affect signaling, especially large metal objects near the panel.

Another possibility: the panel uses a thin, flexible, white antenna for sensors. This antenna must be routed out the back of the panel, into the wall if wall mounted.

If that thin white antenna is bunched up in the panel or pinched in the mounting plate, you can run into poor reception issues and inhibited range.

I moved the antenna around a bit. It wasnt obstructed much but was up against the power cord. I will see if that works. No metal anywhere near the panel

Another question. Would it make sense to increase the length of the antenna if it is inside my wall? For example I could solder another few feet of wire on it?

Trying to think outside the box…

No, do not physically modify the antenna, that is more likely to cause issues than any improvement. It is designed to provide proper coverage when installed and run through the back of the panel . There is a hole right behind where the antenna attaches on the board. This is where the antenna is designed to be routed out.

If having range issues, you would be much better served by using a repeater than modifying the antenna.